Biography And Life Experiences

Julius' Biography and life experiences in Ohio begins first on the south side of Chicago to a young mother. His father was a military man who also played professional football. Primarily mentored by his maternal grandfather, Reverend Emanuel Hoskins, a Baptist minister, Julius expressed from a young age a fervent love for the social Gospel of Jesus and a strong sense of community responsibility. Educated primarily in Catholic schools, he professed an interest in becoming a priest and, eventually, "the first Black Pope from the hood." Heavily influenced by Catholic Priests, (the late) Fr. John Collins and Fr. Michael Pfleger, PhD, with some support from John Callicut and Michael Ivers, the priesthood, under these Maverick Chicago Archdiocesan priests, was anything but routine. With its inspiring, fiery sermons, its social protests and its unwavering love for the education and uplifting of black children, the priesthood seemed to be the natural home for this lauded altar-boy from the south side of Chicago.


My Teaching Philosophy

My primary role as a teacher is to create a space for fluid learning in a dynamic and democratized environment. As with any sound democratic environment, it allows each component to flourish and no one person, not even the teacher, controls the flow of ideas or climate of cerebral cognition. I am like a symphony conductor who attempts to highlight the best of all participants while serving as a facilitator or ideas (or intellectual music). Additionally, it is crucial to help students think critically and insightfully. I push and push until it hurts, then reel them back in with empathy and respect. This approach has mandated that I become transparent in the classroom and highlight my shortcomings, misgivings, fears, and tendencies while admitting my room for growth to the students that I am facilitating.

Courses Taught at Wittenberg

  • WTSM (Freshman Seminar)100 Kanye and Jay-Z: How not to be a college drop-out
  • PHIL 106 Introduction to Philosophy
  • PHIL 110 Introduction to Logic
  • PHIL 200 Philosophy and Modern Drama
  • PHIL 200 Philosophy of Hip Hop Culture
  • PHIL 200 Philosophy and Race
  • AFDS 201 Introduction to Africa and the Diaspora
  • AFDS 270 African American Filmic History
  • PHIL 311 Modern Philosophy
  • PHIL 312 Contemporary Philosophy
  • PHIL 380 Love Death and Desire
  • PHIL 380 African American Philosophy













Doc’s Favorite Classroom Quotes

  • "The Time is Always Right To Do What is Right"- Martin Luther King
  • "Live Life, Love Hard, and never Forget to Help Somebody"- ME
  • "Decisions lay the Foundation for our Destiny" -unknown
  • "Imitation is immature, grow up and Create your own Imprint, Avoid being an Echo"- Cornel West
  • "I'm Complex in thought, yet simple to understand."- ME
  • "Recognize a 'G' When you see him" (A God-Fearing, God-Loving, Gentleman)- ME
  • " I Just Wanna Be Successful....I suppose" -Trey Songz
  • "Don't get too comfortable in an uncomfortable position"- ME